Expanding the mind, your world, and lungs full of beautiful herb until you feel that wonderful feeling of sAtiSfAcTiOn, zZzZzZzZz, MAY YOUR THOUGHTS BE FILLED WITH PEACEFUL THOUGHTS, ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
(its 4 in the morning)
"ok,....goodnight computer"
" so very stoned, goodnight computer"
by Hippielover October 16, 2006
the greatest feeling on the planet. achieved by the smoking of the cannabis plant which can be purchased from a dealer near you
"if im you, and youre them, and im her, but theyre me, who does that make us?"
"erm... man dis would b so much easier if i wasnt stoned"
by its a dopedate August 23, 2007
high on marijuana, typically with bloodshot eyes, an increase in appetite and a tendency toward laughter for no apparent reason.
"I'm stoned from all these bong hits!"
by El Toastero December 26, 2005
what people do when they find their pink floyd albums
i'm going to get "stoned" and listen to dark side of the moon and look up "stoned" on the internet. woohoo!@
by this isn\'t your friend October 27, 2003
D: all of the above
When your friend is able to convince you hes a vampire so you beat him with a stick.

"no dude your not a fuckin vampire quit it... oh shit dude maybe you are wtf get the fuck away ahhh shit"
Being made helpless and having many stones/rocks thrown at you until death.
Jeremiah was stoned to death.
by Buh February 21, 2003
when someone is so fucking high that when they get up to take a dump they forgot why they walked into their bathroom and they start talking to themselves in the mirror
we found john in the bathroom with his pants down talking to himself. he was fuckin stoned.
by robert rectum February 24, 2009

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