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a. Involving or showing random behaviour.
b. Involving chance or probability.
c. Involving guesswork or conjecture.

2) Describes something that does not conform to the normal laws of physics, and instead appears to act in a frenzied manner.

3) GMOD PHYSICS: Describes a contraption that fails to function correctly and consistently, and instead acts in a random, out-of-control fashion.
1) Stochastic processes in astronomy.

2) The nailgun's gone stochastic! RUN AWAY!!!

3) What the hell...? My hovercraft has gone stochastic, gikked me in the head and then self-expunged?!
by Gik130 August 02, 2009
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a mix of stoked and fantastic - something that is really full on!
that was a stochastic wave.. i'm stoked
by awalprojects May 15, 2007
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