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In certain parts of the midwest (namely Des Moines, Iowa), one uses the term "Stiny" when referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank Stiny for this bountiful feast we are about to receive...even if he was a Jew.
by God_In_Heaven September 05, 2006
1. the sidekick of an evil mastervillian

2. the provider of danishes to the evil mastervillian.

3. an annoying liitle dweeb who gets in the way rather than helping the evil mastervillian
stiny from one of strongbad's emails
by me guy August 15, 2003
The evil version of Strong Bad has a sidekick...and thats who Stiny is...he gets Strong Bad danishes and he spills coffee on Strong Bad's evil plans.
Stiny! Get me a danish!
Stiny! Who spilled coffee all over my plans for the nucleur reactor?
by laurstanz October 28, 2003
n. A supervillain's little sidekick that he's always ordering around.
Stiny, get me a Danish!
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
Strong Badman's sidekick who spills coffee on plans for nuclear reactors. He alos gives Strong Badman a danish.
by fsagfsadgfdagdfhrtnuthfhnd June 18, 2003
An annoying little he/she prep who is the product of 3 mothers and one father. Is very affectionate.
Get that Stiny away from me!
by Twitch December 27, 2003
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