Well in Jamaica if you say someone is stink its means they are mad or upset.
Brethern, your gal over there is stink cause you left her.
by Dat Nigga April 01, 2004
A name you give to a person that insistantly hangs around yet refuses to shower or wear shoes.
"I let Stinks ride in my VW this morning. I'll never get the smell out of the seats!"
by DeezUU January 11, 2008
To perform an action with great gusto.
To really give the task some welly.
To give it some elbow grease.
To apply one's all to the job at hand.
"Right, Biggs. As soon as I throw you the jewels, you run like stink. Got it?"

When you're trying to make a meringue, you've got to whip those eggs like stink.
by LastBloke February 24, 2010
A dirty cigarette, the smell of cigarettes,
1.This place is stink heaven 2. Can I hit that stink 3. Can I get stinky
by Boy-Toy November 06, 2009
a saying that can be used in just about any way, it is usually used toward a person , or group of people and can mean anything

"that guy is driving so slow...he can go stink!" "this guy cut in front of me in line, so i stunk the shit out of him"
by Mr. Sheldon Sheldonowhitz December 09, 2008
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