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Place of Origin: South-East UK

1. n. 2-faced person (see also cunt)

2. v. to say something behind someone's back so that they intentionally hear it
1. Rich is a stinger, he pretends to be a mate but always slags me off when I aint there

2. A turns away for a moment
B: "God I fucking hate that guy..."
A hears and kicks the shit out of B
by Rudeboi June 03, 2005
1 4
a woman who is very atractive and youd like to brink her to your house get her drunk and turn on the barry white.
holy shit did u see that stinger. id hit that shit 6 ways from sunday.
by brewtalfucks March 05, 2005
6 9
an anti-helicopter (usually) heat seeking missile or missile launcher
I blasted that fucking helo out of the sky with my stinger.
by nobody April 02, 2004
2 5
The opposite of the shocker, ONE in the cooter and TWO in the pooter.
This girl was a freak and always wanted the stinger
by The Dirty Hebrew April 22, 2003
6 9
A Very larg line of crystal Meth
Dam that stinger hurt my face
by sting daddy February 05, 2010
0 4
type of extendable mechanical device usewd by police for puncturing the tyres of a speeding car during a car chase
I swerved right round the stinger
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
3 7
The pain in your belly that is the result of slaying hella grub at the box, ususally amplified after a CSM. The only known antidote is finding the elusive key to HSB's belly.
Five: Dude, T Bone, what's your damage over there?
T Bone: Aww man, fucking stinger is killing me, and HSB is nowhere to be found.
by 5, don and bone September 02, 2007
2 8