When a motha didn't want a baby, but he was born anyways.
"I didn't want the baby but he was still born."
by MCD NIGGAZ February 13, 2005
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It means dead on birth.
Johnny would have had a brother but he was a stillborn.
by lawlerskates January 30, 2006
1. A person born without life signs.
2. A project that never had any chance to succeed.
3. A nickname, although some would consider it offensive.
2: Johnson, your idea is stillborn, we're not going to carry it out.
by Jochen February 25, 2007
A person who plays online games such as Halo and just leaves their controller without actually quitting the game; thus leaving their online character stillborn and a liability in the online game. This is pretty much like being AFK (Away From Keyboard) except it is fucking stupid to say AFK on games without a fucking keyboard.
No wonder those newbie vag-mongrels poned our l33t asses, we had three mutha-fuckin' stillborns on our stupid-ass-mo'fucking-team.
by DrMuffy June 10, 2009
When someone specifically wants to sit in the backseat of a car. (opposite of calling "shotgun")
Person who wants backseat #1: "STILLBORN!"
Person who wants backseat #2: Dammit! Now I have to ride shotgun with the smelly driver! =(
by Captain Leslie Hero November 06, 2007

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