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2 definitions by DrMuffy

A person who plays online games such as Halo and just leaves their controller without actually quitting the game; thus leaving their online character stillborn and a liability in the online game. This is pretty much like being AFK (Away From Keyboard) except it is fucking stupid to say AFK on games without a fucking keyboard.
No wonder those newbie vag-mongrels poned our l33t asses, we had three mutha-fuckin' stillborns on our stupid-ass-mo'fucking-team.
by DrMuffy June 10, 2009
A person who collects an abnormally large amount of useless, outdates, and or trivial files (music, movies, papers, apps, etc) that clogs up their computer's memory to the point that their virtual life is impacted negatively, with the unrealistic hopes that someday the useless data will magically be useful.
Person #1 "Hey why do you still have Napster on your computer, you know it was shut down like ten years ago?"
Person #2 "Yeah, but who knows, maybe it'll make a comeback."
Person #1 "Dude you need help, I think you're a virtual hoarder."
by DrMuffy January 04, 2011