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An oily, sticky residual discharge around the anus after one expels fecal matter from ones sphincter cavity post haste greasy food consumption.
Usage 1: OMG! I've wiped my turd cutter so much its bleeding, no thanks to that greasy chicken you made for dinner which gave me sticky butt.

Usage 2: After eating that greasy food for lunch today, I had to leave work early because I was sitting in sticky butt. When I got home my man-panties looked as if they had been dragged down the Hershey highway.
by Waarlok January 26, 2013
Sticky Butts is another term for Cigarettes. Where its from will never be known.
Jj loves smoking his sticky butts.
by Ohyahknow July 13, 2011
1) Someone whos butt is full of cum.

2) Someone who is homosexual.
Austin is a sticky-butt father fucker.
by Ninja Baller May 30, 2007
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