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Sticking a stick shift up someones ass. or someone may call it stickshifting, when sticking ANYTHING up your ass.
i totally stickshifted her last night braa it was awesome.

stickshift a teddy bear

stickshift a hamster.

i was stickshifting her and i stuck it to far, so we had to take her to the hospital. lawl.
by briannaxxx6/11/11 June 11, 2011
The attempt to bring one's self to the point of ejaculation while driving at a high rate of speed.
Johnny was stick shifting at about 81 mph when he finally stomped the clutch.
by Richard Wriggles June 10, 2013
v. Receiving or giving a handjob in a car. Not as good as road head but usually much safer.
Guy 1: "So how was that ride back to Becky's house."
Guy 2: "Dude, mid-drive she started stick shifting me!"
Guy 1: "That isn't shit. Come talk to me when you get road head, pussy."
by Spacebullman September 06, 2010
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