(adj) to be the best. A word my friends and I use to describe anything from cars to concerts.
That movie last night was stick.
by Alex Laughlin December 01, 2007
(V) The act of hitting
I swear if he gets in my face ima stick him right in his shit
by Crash February 23, 2005
referd to as a cig!!!!
yo do u have a stick i can have??
by T**** February 22, 2005
another way of saying you goin to have sex
yo amy is goin to stick yo cousin?
by Krueger February 20, 2005
v. Southern/gangster term meaning to punch or hit.
Ayo cuh, if ya'll keep trippin I'm gon stick ya'll nigguhs in yo face
by SteveB December 19, 2004
one cigarette, a single cigarette
hey man, u got a stick?
by pimp daddy dollars October 13, 2004
a friend, or someone you know
"Yo wassup stick"
"Nothin' chillin"
by Darryk September 07, 2003

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