a cigarillo, preferrably a swisher sweet
the paper is used to roll marijuana cigars
a dog, you got a stick so i can roll up
by animalsanimals March 28, 2009
short for fuckstick. also known as a dick, dickhead, or penis.
get the hell out of my way, yu stick !!
by t888 February 06, 2009
Yo i just came up on an eighth, tryin' to grab a pack of sticks and burn?
by pseudonym6 August 03, 2008
A term used in Madden gameplay to refer to a persons skill at controlling their players. Can also be referred to as stick skill.
*After a touchdown is scored*
Come on son get your stick up!
by user skillz August 22, 2007
In another meaning of, "punch".
I swear im gonna stick him.
by KurtCobain1 June 03, 2007
Synonymous with "cool".
"Dude that's so stick."

"Whoa, did you see that stick ride?"

"Hey man do you want something to drink?"
"Nah man, I'm stick."
by P_K June 26, 2006
to stick a plasma grenade to someone in halo or halo 2
You Stuck UbernOOb
Stick that grenade on him before he hits you with that energy sword
by HKGunner March 13, 2005

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