A "Steven" occurs when an individual becomes overly frustrated over a certain situation, in particular pertaining to relationship issues, and throws his/her cellular device into a nearby edifice, thus resulting in the device's disintegration. Failure to completely disintegrate the device, or if the relationship's problem is resolved prior to the impact (either mid-flight or leaving the limb used to propel the device), the is null and voided for a minimum of fifteen years, depending on factors like race, gender, or marital status.
"My gf was totally making out with this other guy when I walked in that party last night, and I got so angry I pulled my BB pearl out of my pocket and stevened it."

B: Wow, look at all these little plastic peices by the wall there, what happened?
G: This looks like a camera component, and here's a broken memory card!
B: Is this a shattered cell phone? I couldn't even tell what it was until I looked at up close-this is really bad.
G: I've seen this before-someone probably stevened it.
B: Oh thats right! It was probably Mike, his dorm is right there and his gf dumped him last night.

by Daniel Braga & Steven Gallo January 08, 2008
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Sexy, Cool, Swave and Sophisticated
"Your Such A Steven!"
by Wee Jimmy Poo Poo April 17, 2006
a very sweet and honest guy. Some one you can talk to all day. He is some one you wont be able to get out of your head because he just seems like a perfect guy. probably to most realest dude you'll ever meet and when he says he's into you he means it.He will have no problem in waiting for you, treats his girl right and can always put a smile on your face and he knows it every time. Very cute, sexy and attractive both physically and mentally very funny and always has something to talk about. Every time you hug him you let go too fast because deep down you know if you hold on any longer you wont want to let go. Even though all this is true about him you might not want to let him know but you know inside he is. very dependable and excessively caring and its all a good thing....most likely to be a stalker. He is the best boyfriend you'll ever have so if you ever get a Steven dont let him go......I know i wont:-)
Omg that is the 134585594 time he walked passed me today he is such a stalker!!!!! he must be a Steven V.
by SV'sbabe November 15, 2009
A guy with a warm heart and big dick.
Only a Steven could help me get over my ex boyfriend.
by Corinne Vine April 16, 2010
The greatest person/name ever...also the sexiest person. I love him!
Steven is SO sexy, I just can't take it when he's near me...RAWR!
by pop goes da weasel May 28, 2008
a) The Brotha-man, Steve-o, Stephenopolous, Steve-arino, The Steve-meister, all are common nicknames given to one named Steven. These nicknames stem from many sources, the largest of which is Rob Schnider on SNL as the Copy Guy.
b) One who is large and in charge, a breaker of the will of other men.
c) The funniest kid you have ever met.
a) Hey, Brotha-man you are the definition of Steve-arino!!

b) Dude that guy is Steve'. (or) That Steven is so gonna beat you down.

c) Steve Martin, Steve Lynch, Steven Burmeister, Steven Colbert Steve-o -from Jackass-, (enough said)
by MJBizzle November 10, 2006
A very sarcastic individual.

Often sophisticated, poetic, intelligent and very funny.

He's a HUGE family guy.

Few people hate him and when someone hates him, he makes it is own personal mission to change their mind.
Tiffany: Is my butt fat?

Steven: No, but Dom's is!

Dom: I know!

Steven: It's ok, I like it. ;)

Steven, Dom and Tiffany: LOLMALSH!
by Steven Savio August 30, 2008
a person who loves cake. sometimes rude. watch out he breaks chairs. XD. sometimes funny though. HAHAHAHA!!! oh and speaking of laughing he laughs like drunk teletubbie.
oh crap! steven's coming! hide the cake!
by Toastee October 15, 2006
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