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Greek in origin, I've come to the conclusion that Stephen is just about the coolest male name. Whether it's prnounced 'Stef-an' or 'Steve-en' doesn't matter, it's just awesome.
Steph and Stevie are also the coolest nicknames.
Some famous Stephens include Stephen King, Stephen Fry, and Stephen Hawking.

Stephen is an awesome name.
by toee April 20, 2006
The most beautiful boy in existence. Has stunning eyes, that make your heart fall through the floor when they crinkle with his perfect smile. Is deep, unlike most boys, and extremely intelligent. Has a big heart, and he doesn't realize when he's being taken for granted. Even though he would never admit it, he sometimes's can't see what's right in front of him. An over-analyzer, and very stubborn, but he will admit defeat when he has to. Likes to drive girls crazy, apparently. Easy to fall in love with. Hard to figure out.
Who IS that!?
Oh, that's just my friend Stephen.
Do you like him?

Of course.
Does he like you?
I don't deserve him.
by 0h get 0ver it May 31, 2009
One of the most funniest, cute boy ever. Has short brownish/blackish hair with adorable eyes.
Stephen when will you ask me out??
by loves_stephen July 30, 2008
"From the Greek name Óôåöáíïò (Stephanos) meaning "crown". Saint Stephen was an early Christian martyr who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. Another Saint Stephen is the patron saint of Hungary, the first Christian king of that country (10th century). This was also the name of kings of England, Serbia, and Poland, as well as ten popes. More recently it is borne by the British physicist Stephen Hawking and the American author Stephen King. "

Stephen is considered one of the top 100 masculine and sexy names of the modern nation possessed by only people who will succeed greatly in life opposed to the name Steven possessed by druggies.

If you pronounce it STEF-en, that means your IQ is extremely low. It's prounced stEVen, guys. And it's okay, you can call him Steveyboy.
Resa: Hi STEF-en.
Stephen: Damn you.
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 16, 2008
Stephen is an innocent and honest person, yet full of unexpected surprises. He's very intelligent and focused, but can also be considered oblivious to something begging to be noticed. Stephen is kind hearted and family oriented. He's a devoted Christian and is very passionate about his beliefs while keeping an open mind. He's able to separate himself from others, naturally denying conformity, and unafraid to express his opinions and insight. Stephen can be stubborn, and often doesn't accept losing, but has proven to be an excellent listener. First impressions are often wrong, as he may seem to be meek and quiet (Or possibly a smart ass), but eventually discovered to be very musically talented, brilliant, and his "Witty banter" or odd facial expressions will easily make you smile. His unique appearance allows him to stand out in the crowd, yet his personality is easily misunderstood. If you're lucky enough, His true personality may eventually be revealed to you.
Stephen wishes he could prove his manliness.

According to Stephen, a mob of Sumo Wrestlers could destroy an Alpaca with super powers.

I am stunned by Stephen's logic.

Stephen happens to believe he is beyond amazing in bed.

You're Silly , Stephen . :)
by HereComesTheSun(: September 24, 2010
The guy that often gets passed by because no one gets to know him. He is funny, smart, witty, sincere, sweet, nice and HOT. He is an amazing guy. His only flaw is that he doesn't tell the girl he likes that he likes her.
Girl: Why would you like Stephen?
Girl2: because, hes amazing
Girl: whatever...
<girl walks away>
Girl2: i love you stephen
by KristaGurlie February 21, 2010
The most caring guy in the world. Always puts others before himself. Smart and funny. Charming beyond all other guys. Smooth talker but can be a smart ass. Loyal friend and boyfriend. When he loves you, he lets you know and he never lets you go. Gives the best hugs and is an amazing kisser. Worth waiting your whole life for. Sexier than all other guys and is the definition of sex appeal. Perfection at its greatest. Tall and handsome.
Stacy: I wish I was dating a Stephen, he seems like a perfect boyfriend.

Emily: Yeah, my boyfriend is such a Stephen.
by ilovestephen<3 April 03, 2010
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