Our present PM . A Mulroney buddy despite breaking ranks with the old Conservative Party .Alberta Oil Industry are among His best allies , afterall they supported the Reform party in masses and didnt forget to fund the party very well .
He and His old pals from the Reform years are often considered bigots . The only connections that I see is that many were hoping this right-wing party would listen to them but the reality is that none of the major parties will listen to racists .
He has definite goals to redefine Canada . Two major examples are 1-he wants the judicial system to think like todays Federal Conservatives / evenLyin' Brian Mulroney publicly blasted Him for that 2- He shows far too much of His Evangelical views . Canada was never meant to be a scripture based country like many European countries and many in the Mid-East . Regardless of ideology We DO NOT NEED TO RE-DEFINE CANADA , We only need a government that can effectively and justly run the country based on a broad cross-section of various present internal and external issues .
Harper and His party are HUGE but not known fot it , HIPPOCRITS . Social-conservatives are for the community , traditional institutions and traditional values . Corporate conservatives are generally what most conservatives really are . Corporate ones are for big business , downgrading jobs , cutting on social-infrastructure , lower wages . These two types of Conservatives ane NOT COMPATIBLE . They are also hippocrites because the Purple-Conservative wing would stand for a free-thinking , small business orieted and community oriented way-of-life
When someone is for increased corporate power and reduced public power , bible-thumper are all STEPHEN HARPERS .
by Hef August 03, 2008
A crazy right wing politician who is currently Canada's Prime Minster, leading his minority (thank god for that) government in Parliament. Notorious for conservative values, he is exactly the kind of white bred posh arse who would shake his kids hands when dropping them off to school in the morning.

It also seems that he hates women enough to oppose their personal rights over their bodies, has wishes to reverse past-decisions on same sex marriage rights in order to 'protect' the rights of heterosexuals, and believes that everyone in Canada is capable of finding childcare for $100 a month per child under six.

Also, he may or may not wish to be George W. Bush's BFF
john: why isn't bobby at daycare today?
jane: I can't afford to pay for his childcare now that it's not subsidized... plus the centre shut down because it can't afford to operate.
john: oh yeah I totally forgot... my partner lost his job because of the universal childcare benefit.
jane: yeah, one hundred dollars don't buy shite in daycare
john: god bless Stephen Harper
by the_common_man October 17, 2006
STEPHEN HARPER + PRIVATE HEALTHCARE (and private everything else)

American insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies will rush over the border into the Canadian market to ensure Canadians lose their publicly-funded healthcare system.

Canadians will dish out for expensive surgeries, high-cost medications and insurance. STOP STEPHEN HARPER and his ALBERTAN AGENDA

Although the liberals were caught stealing tax-payers money, every government in the world steals money... they probably haven't been caught yet!

Remember: the conservatives will rob us of the world's best healthcare system in favour of George-Bush-Country
im a middle class citizen, i can't afford stephen harper's healthcare

Stephen Harper and George bush: for divided healthcare we stand, united we fall
Stephen harper is an Albertan Dildo licker who believes that Dinosaurs were placed there by god to test his faith. He is the Prime Minister of Canada and the leader of the Conservative Party. As a well known coward he has prorogued Parliament twice in a little more than a year. Some see him as Ex U.S President Bush's "Butt-Buddy". He is also easily compared to The Facist dictator Adolf Hitler.
Tim: "Did you hear? Stephen "Dildo Licker" Harper has prorogued Parliament again!"
Herbert: "Can't Stephen Harper just piss off and take it up the ass to pass his time instead of fucking up Canada's rich history of Socialism?"
by Comrade MujahiDan January 04, 2010
The current Prime Minister of Canada and the leader of the Canadian Nazi Party. He is the grandson of Hitler and Stalin and the son of British Nazi Margaret Thatcher. He will stick around long enough to ensure that Canada becomes a puppet state to the US and will make sure that any crime against the Conservative Party is punishable by death. He aims to make Canada a reincarnation of the Third Reich that forbids any kind of non-White immigration.
Idiot: That Stephen Harper is a smart person who will lead this country to great things.

Politically wise person: Are you kidding? He's a fascist loser who wants this country to become the 51st American state.

(death squad arrives, kills wise person)

Harper: Death to freedom!!!
by random guy no.4958365 January 27, 2011
Stephen Harper is the name assigned to the current Prime Minister, although it is only used by people that respect him. Decent Canadian folk call him Harpo or other names with Nazi origins. He used to be part of the Reform Party (even though he was born in Toronto) and is currently the leader of their Canada-wide subsidiary, the Conservative Party. People flirted with this evil and dangerous party in the 2006 and 2008, and Harpo used this time to start picking apart his worst enemy, the Canadian social safety net. In 2011, he committed an electoral fraud even greater than that of George W. Bush in 2000. Now, Harpo is the unquestionable and fearless Supreme Ruler of Canada, with 167 true blue (and green) Reformacon MPs doing as he says.

In case you actually wanted an unbiased definition...

Stephen Harper is a Toronto native that somehow turned into an angry Westerner. In 1993, he was elected as a backbench Reform MP and created the slogan "the West wants in". He left the Hill in 1997 to become head of the National Citizens' Coalition. In 2002 he headed the Canadian Alliance and merged it with the failing Progressive Conservative Party into the modern Conservative Party. He won elections in 2006, 2008, and 2011, winning a majority government in the latter.
Using lies, schemes, cons (no pun intended), deceptions, evasion, libel, slander, and tall tales, Stephen Harper has fearlessly led Canada through our worst years since the Mulroney days. RIP democracy 1867-1984, 1993-2006.
by 084536530569569 May 13, 2011
An obvious lie that you commit to even though everyone around you knows you are lying.
President Clinton pulled a real Stephen Harper when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
by Cyranod November 09, 2013

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