sexy, awesome at giving head. blonde, blue eyes. funny. always funny as hell. hugggge ass usually! loves drinking, or smokin weed. horny 100% of the time. never calms down. slutzilla....major slore. loveable. big lips, huge tits. not that smart. never cheats on their man/girl. truthful.
sexxxxxxy steph
by tyler culver October 13, 2009
Whore. One who tries to be pretty, but is really fat, and wears too much make up. sleeps around on their boyfriends and with other girls boyfriends.

--Simply said: Steph= no good, trailer trash trap, with many STDs.
Guy: "This fat whore tried to get with me last night!"

Guy2: "Wow, did she know you have a girlfriend?"

Guy: "Yes, I told her!"

Guy2: "What a Steph!!!"
by Stephs a whore December 07, 2010
the other woman or third party in an affair
Synonym: cunt
Antonym: friend
"Yeah, Steph is a bitter bitch with some heavy karma coming her way."
by harleynred June 22, 2009
a girl that loves the colour pink
look at that steph girl over there
by §!§ October 09, 2005
A word used to describe a slutty, gonnorhea infected, compulsive liar. Known to have a "i have a vagina, you have a penis, lets get it on" attitude.
A steph: Hi

Random guy: Hey

A steph: i have a vagina

Random guy: i have a penis...a very small penis.

A steph: meh its still a penis, wanna ride?

Random guy: yeah, i lost my virginity to a mechanical bull so i have no standards anyway.
by green-eggs-and-ham March 15, 2009
one who wants to get in bed with mr happy
geoff: hey you still going out with that chick from last night?
allan: nah she's such a steph!
by January 31, 2008
A village bicycle, everybodys had a ride.
That girl was a bit of a Steph
by Megan Tezza April 16, 2008

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