Steph (commonly referred to as Sex God or Sexy Beast) is a one of a kind species, only found in certain parts of the world. She survives on her hnting skills for food such as Chocolate and Chips. For Shelter, Steph seeks for a brick built shelter with a roof. A steph is a fairly fierce creature. If you ever come across a Steph, turn and run the other way.
what is that?
ah its a steph! Run!!!
by Sexy123456789987654321 November 14, 2013
the worst
Stephanie youre the worst
by wutgei August 26, 2014
A girl who hallucinates, she thinks that shes a panda, and eats all the time. Shes short and puny and thinks that shes funny. she also imagines herself as mexican gangster chick with alot of swag. She lives in her own little world. she also thinks that shes not weird.
Kevin: Dude, have u heard about that girl who thinks shes a panda?
Diana: yea dude shes a total Steph.
by Kevin and Diana December 30, 2011
Steph is a mad fucking bitch.
Always there whenever you need her.
She likes to eat poo all day and pees on peoples faces for fun.
People underestimate her, sometimes when she gets too sloshed she likes to give insane gobs and head jobs, and is known to give some mad wristys.
But really, biggest heart, really patient, good listener.
Type of person you call up at two in the morning to say hi.
And a bonus, has a perf rack.
Steph is such a mad chunt, eerrrytang i wish for and more/
by madbitchesfordays May 26, 2012
A colloquialism for 'sex'.
Normally used in the same context as 'fuck' would be used, but in a situation where swearing would be inappropriate.
I am so gonna 'steph' that hoe!
by EssyEss December 19, 2010
STEPH - An acronym for a disgusting dirty ho who is exceptionally hungry for something nasty.


Also accepted substitution:

Someone-That-Eats-Pulsating Hemorrhoids
When I tried to make love to my wife, I noticed there were patches of hair missing from her bush. When asked about the maingy bush, she replied "Meh, I tried to swing both ways, but got Steph-ed. Man that'll never happen again!"
by Poopy McPoopwell September 19, 2011
Massive bitch. Huge irrational phobia of personal contact. Will not hug anyone and enjoy it. Seriously sucks at life and is mean.
hey wanna be friends and be nice and maybe even hug sometime?" 'oh god no' "you are such a steph!"
by JimmyB86 December 10, 2010

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