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To eat a grape from your sexual partner's ass
Peter: "Did you hear Kyle finally Steinbecked the girl from upstairs last night?"
Jessie: "Ya, said he froze the grapes first so they wouldn't get smashed."
by Blahzey January 20, 2011
Some ass from the early 20th century who decided it'd be a good idea to make the lives of high school kids everywhere a living hell by writing a series of books deploring the awful working conditions of farm hands who came to California. He also happened to win a Pulitzer prize, but as can be attested by high school students everywhere, no one gives a damn.
John: "Hey, what do you think about that hip Steinbeck cat they just built a memorial center for down on Main St.?"

Steve: "Stfu."
by QuacoreZX July 05, 2008
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