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an one-of-a-kind chick; impossible to replace, impossible to find another just like her, incredibly nice in every way possible- unless you really really really try and piss her off (which is an extremely hard thing to do, so if you've made her mad, you pretty much deserve what happens to you)
Aww, that was so nice of you, you're such a Steffi!
by anonymous201102 December 28, 2009
she is fit
n i want her so bad
I love her
******loves steffi
by ? April 23, 2004
A person who is nice =] ans smart. and is my triplet. =]
Steffi and I are evil =D MUAHHAAHAHA
by Helen January 24, 2005
means you are having a laff. because you would say having a steffi graff. which is like having a laff
Your having a steffi arnt you.
by stevol March 23, 2006
(verb)An act of calling or threatening to call the police

(noun)A fat slut with very bad thigh-brain coordination
The Good , the Bad , and the Steffi
by cowcheese96 October 07, 2010

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