The act of taking a large steamy dump on the windshield of a car, then sliding on your stomach down onto the hood.
Watch Martin steam roll that van over there!
by Kyle Pedro May 17, 2007
1. Verb - to ignore and talk over another person in conversation.

2. Verb - (gaming: Star Kingdoms, 2002) to defeat an opponent easily due to a huge size difference; netting next to no gain for the aggressor and debilitating the victim.
1: Person 1: Well I think that it's really a good idea to-

Person 2: Yeah, yeah, well anyways, we really need to

focus on something important like...

Person 3: Wow person 2! you're great at steamrolling, person number 1 looks totally discouraged and dejected.

by CliscandPlush January 13, 2010 (thanks!)

2: Chicken run steamrolled decapod prime last night, guess we're gonna have to use our nukes for retals...
by Dubzor January 27, 2015

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