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A very beautiful girl fun to be around. She loves things that nobody else does. Love things that are to childish for her. A very easy person to pick on. Usually short and has a huge rack. Love to sing and act. Super smart and can never understand a word your saying even if shes trying to hear it. Her heart belongs to Jesus. And she is very easy person to be come bestfriends with.
Anabel is someone you should know.
by sunnyhappyday April 09, 2011
The Most Beautiful little Baby Girl that Ever was created by the Most Beautiful Lily and Most Awesome Sean.

This is what you get when you cross a Lily and a Sean...
by kendallFL August 25, 2010
Super sweet, super hot, super smart all-around cool girl. Most compatible with a super hot guy, ideally named Jacob. Has the potential to be famous. Loves passionately. Always knows the right things to say at the right time. Pretty funny.
Whoever is dating Anabel must be really lucky.
by Gubbledump July 12, 2016
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