To use forcefulness (usually not physical) to drive a person into a position where they have to do something they wouldn't normally do.
"the corrupt politician was steamrolled into resignation by the enticing underage intern."
by Heatherfish December 12, 2006
when a bunch of people are sleeping in a row on the floor (or laying on a trampoline) and some obnoxious guy rolls over the top of everyone, generally causing discomfort. in the right situation, one can get steamroll-kissed, which is when you have no choice but to be face-to-face with the person rolling, and inevitably kiss them.
GUY1: thinks *haha im gonna steamroll everyone*
KID1: groan..
KID2: get off..
KID3: ow!
KID4: MUAH! *steamroll kiss*
by lockIN<33 May 16, 2010

When the female is forces her pelvic bone over your genitals while she thrusting forward, usually eliciting excruciating pain, during the sexual act of dry-humping.
Nicole, I appreciate your effort, but if you don't stop steamrolling me I am going to just proceed to rape you in the ass.
by Bavarian Motorist October 17, 2007
The act of steamrolling is to
A. When in bed with another to roll over them while laughing histarically
B. During sex when the girl is on top she does a motion like "the worm" over your body which flattens you to the bed.
C.When a girl makes you cum so hard you lay flattened against the bed.

B usually leads to C and A might lead to B if you play your cards right.
Hot Girl: Steamroll me baby
Guy: hahaha ok
Girl:Let me get on top
(girl hops on top)
by T A N April 24, 2007
When you roll around in bed while having sex with a girl.......or boy.
"Man last night was great"
"Oh ya what happened?"
"I steamrolled her"
by FrankyJ June 07, 2006
An act in which an individual slides backwards across the face of another, and ideally, passes gas. Often performed during gay sex, steamrolling can also be used to punish a party-goer who has fallen asleep with shoes on.
"Saurish fell asleep in the chair about an hour ago, when Bix saw that he had his shoes on still, he climbed up on the arms and totally steamrolled him."
by lei zhenbang May 02, 2008
When you take a shit on a girls chest and rub it in with your butt cheeks
Mike's friend: yo bruh did you do that shit you said you was gonna do to that bitch last night?

Mike: yea i steamrolled that hoe got shit everywhere

by frickinater November 11, 2008

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