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An otherwise good online strategy game that is ruined by the fact that most people who play it are ignorant teenagers who have no life.

These people spend every waking our trying to get better, at the total cost of a social life

Others drive people away from the game by repeatedly making up new "rules" for how to play, to eliminate the sense of competition and allow their feeble skills to let them survive instead of being torn apart by players who are actually good.
wtfux nub yer twice my size you cant hitzor meh that breaks Star Kingdoms Universal rule 7B in subsection 1A

shut up dumbass your kingdom sucks
by SK sucks October 07, 2008
A game played by those of virginal fortitude. Makes time pass by in college/school.
I can't believe my cousin actually plays starkingdoms.
by Tony Guns September 01, 2006
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