A group of six girls from Guernsey. The group is Ashley, Jo, Grace, Alex, Julia and Abbie
An example of a Steady Eddie is Ash-Bash, Jowanna, Garce, Henry, Jewelle and Kebab
by S.Eddie May 27, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who will NOT hit it and quit it - he'll be there for you whenever you need to get the big O.
"I'm looking for a steady-eddie to do me me whenever I need to get me sum sum."

Etymology: Eddie Clarence Murray is a former Major League Baseball player. Murray was known as one of the most reliable hitters of his time and hence was nicknamed as Steady Eddie. Murray who was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003.
by OhSusannah! January 09, 2011
Easy Now, Don't even go there.
"I think you are an idiot and i want to kill you" Steady Eddie.
by Ray Russell December 31, 2004

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