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Makes good drafting tools.
The blood on this parakeet is from when i stabbed it with my Steadtler compass.
by RiversCuomoRulz March 18, 2006
i have not a fucking clue who the hell is steadtler.
mi definition- steadler is a freak who chooses the crziest name 4 himself 2 make himself seem "kool" lil does he know that he is a friggin idiot.
hey im steadtler! & im bringin u down
ya bring it on. take ur crap down the toilet
by not steadtler January 09, 2004
AKA as Jimsterz27 and PM PURDUE = #1, Steadtler mainly focuses his time and energy on Counter Strike rocking up the community. He has an average Kill to death ratio on 12:1
by Steadtler February 22, 2003
A gaming legend, no one really knows who Steadtler is. Ruled every multiplayer game since the '80s, and still appears today to pwnd some loser.
OMFG! Ive just been pwned by Steadtler!
by anonymous February 22, 2003
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