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3 definitions by RiversCuomoRulz

America is the melting pot of the world; Ohio is the melting pot of America. There will never be a pot more melting than Ohio. Some say this makes Ohio a blurry combination of everything, and that it is not very distinct among the states, but this is cantrary to the truth. No other state is like Ohio, in that it is a melting pot. Also, Ohio's flag is one of only three non-rectangular significant world flags, and the only non-rectangular flag of the states. Ohio's also cool cuz I live there.
DEVO: What's round on the ends and high in the middle? O-hi-o

Which is an interesting joke, cuz in its shape, Ohio is just the opposite: flat on the ends and low in the middle.

Ohio kicks ass.
by RiversCuomoRulz March 18, 2006
Makes good drafting tools.
The blood on this parakeet is from when i stabbed it with my Steadtler compass.
by RiversCuomoRulz March 18, 2006
I have very mixed feeling for it. June-August 2005 it was basically all i did. In the 70-85 days that I played the game, I racked up about 420 hours of gameplay and became #31 out of hundreds of thousands of players. I loved it. I love to excel at something, and be better than everyone else. However, then came school. After the first day of the '05-'06 school year, I never played the game again. The following days and weeks, I was extremely depressed. I didn't have time to play the game much, but the worst part was that the homework and everything on my mind just would not have allowed me to perform as well as I had been performing.

If you want to play a fun, simple(for now) MMORPG just for fun and not actually to be a great at, this is a wonderful game. However, I WARN YOU, lest you have no plans of ever doing anything again in your life that will require time or work(i.e., school, an occupation, etc.), please, for your own sake, DO NOT play this game and try to be an elite player.

p.s. my name on Endless Online was riverscuomo; if u knew me, hi.
Endless Online is a fun way to destroy your life.
by RiversCuomoRulz March 18, 2006