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An Underpaid, respectful, hard-working, talented, State Police Officer. They are given the task of keeping our great States Safe, yes they do write tickets, they do check commercial vehicles and other tasks to keep us all safe. They also respond to crashes(NOT ACCIDENTS) that the bad drivers out there cause, they will be the ones there to give you or your loved ones CPR and save lives when you need them. They have family and friends too, they work on Christmas instead of opening presents with their kids, so YOU can stay safe.So next time you see one these outstanding Men or Women, wave dont honk or flick them off, they have a dangerous job, cars flying by, people with guns and yes even shitbags with nothing beter to do than harrasss them. They have families to go home too, Lets help them keep US safe.
"That State Trooper just gave me a ticket what a asshole"
"Yeah that same dickhead pulled me out of my burning car and gave my baby CPR last week, what an ass"
by Louis H. October 13, 2005
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Usually a former/wannabe Marine who hides behind a billboard or shrub all day, wreaking havoc on people who are guilty of going 3 miles over the speed limit in the left-most lane or such tripe. After finding some bullshit reason to pull you over, expect a full cavity search for you, your passangers, and your car (even if it was just a broken tail light), all the while being verbally and physically threatened and harrassed. If you are lucky enough to make it out without being arrested or having your car impounded, he'll hand you a nice fat ticket and tell you to have a nice day, a nice change of heart from the gun he was holding to your head 5 minutes ago.

Do not let people like Louis H or the media fool you, people with power (cops) naturally will abuse it, and frustrated failures at life like STATE cops will always want to cross a line that even the most corrupt metrocops wouldn't dare. Exercise nothing but caution, and contempt, for state troopers... they get paid by the hour to steal your money and harass you, not 'pull you out of a burning car'. Hell, if they let you fry in your burning car they'd just make up a story so that they'd still be a hero.
State troopers are common people, many of them irresponsible egomaniacs, who are given enourmous power after a few weeks of training. Approach them like you would a small child holding a gun. They can kill you and get a medal for it.
by Raener February 25, 2006
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Useless redneck cops whose purpose is to patrol unused backroads and harass hard-working, decent highway/freeway drivers by ambushing them from behind signs or shrubbery.
I hear that if you stretch an anus really wide, it becomes a state trooper.

Goddamn state trooper gave me a ticket for having my radio tuned to a rock music station when he pulled me over.
by angry June 17, 2003
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Hardworking state police officers that work everyday. They have two days off a month. They train long and hard for months. Not weeks. Six months to be exact. Only allowed to go home on Sundays while in the academy. They also have to have a college degree and/or be a Marine.
You should respect every State Trooper for putting their lives on the line so you can go see your grandma on Christmas.
by Respect me December 15, 2007
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Your basic state trooper is very much like your basic cop, someone who had little to nothing going for them in life and at the risk of digging ditches or laying concrete the rest of their life they decided to become a cop. They are then given a few weeks of training after which they "graduate", being then given almost unlimited authority over common citizens and the power to carry a gun both on and off "duty" (duty = driving around issuing tickets and basically ruining anyone's day they choose). And yes I have had an actual real trooper/cop tell me how "cool" it is that he can carry a gun around. People like Louis H. are badly informed as to what cops are and do, and/or are cops themselves or directly related to a cop. People who become cops are people who are either amazingly egotistical or wish to get back at the world for whatever silly reason they perceive in their head, more often than not a combination of both.

To work a job where you go in every single day/night and ruin someone's day or life depending on what "citation" you give them or what you "arrest" them for all the while knowing that in your private life you "speed" while driving and occasionally drink with friends at a bar and then drive home is the epitomy of the basic definition of hypocrisy.

Never argue or fight against a trooper (or cop for that matter) but dont think for a second that these "people" are on your side or their to help you and protect as it explictly says in their oath "To Protect and Serve" The only thing they serve is their own power lust and ego and they will without a second thought ruin your life and more because they are "enforcing laws" they themselves dont pay attention to and dont adhere to in their private lives.
State Trooper 1: Man that was great arresting that guy for drinking and driving even though he was barely over the limit, he lost his job and everything.
State Trooper 2: Yeh we sure ruined his life, he will never cross us again.
Normal person in a bar (me): You guys are both drinking right now, and you drove here which means you are gonna drive home after drinking just like he was.
Troopers: Yeh but its different, were cops.
Me: Oh,...right,...that makes perfect sense.

Trooper: Man I got a great story about how I just busted all these kids I caught smoking weed. I think even a few got kicked out of college.
Me: Hmm, I remember in High School how you smoked out a few times.
Trooper: Yeh but thats different, Im a cop now.
Me: Oh right,...guess that means I shouldnt mention the hypocrisy of the whole situation.

Me: How did you get there so fast?
Trooper: I am a cop I just drove here at 110 mph the entire way. I even got pulled over but a little flash of the tin is all it took.
Me: Oh,...right...that makes sense to me.
by Skidmark McGee August 29, 2007
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A humanbeing who, after having accepted a position of authority, turns into a small swine.
"Here I sit, On the pooper
just gave birth to a Maine State Trooper"
by Kaotiks February 17, 2004
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