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Currently a classified government project, it is impossible to know the exact function of a starship; however, it could be any of the following:

-A spacecraft used for the interstellar travel of an old bald guy, a man with stylish hair, the black version of the X-men character Cyclops, a Klingon, a ginger doctor, an almost-human woman, and an emotionless walking computer.

-An aerial vehicle similar to a private jet used for the sole purpose of transporting celebrities from place to place.

-Or an attempt at a real life version of the Warpstar from the Kirby video game series.

The only fact about starships that has been released to the general public so far is that they were meant to fly.
Starships were meant to fly.
by CIA Head Chief September 10, 2012
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To throw-up or puke from natural causes or drinking too much. It's a more pleasant way of saying throw-up or puke.
James got so drunk last night that he was starshipping in the bathroom for like an hour.
by Carlthegiraffe January 31, 2010
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