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Probably one of the only bands that will admit their lyrics are cheesy. With everything from cheer chants to spunky pop beats, Cobra Starship is the band that makes you smile, laugh, dance, and sing along all at the same time. With members Gabe Saporta (lead singer), Alex Suarez (bass), Ryland Blackinton (guitar), Victoria Asher, knows as Vicky-T, (keytar), and Nate Novarro (drums), this is most likely one of the most lyrically hilarious yet true bands of our generation.
"Cobra Starship makes me want to get up out my seat and dance like a monkey"
by pinkfuzzyelephants October 23, 2009
often pronounced as "biffle" stands for "best friends for life" but often used to describe wickedly sweet gangsta love.
"Dawg, you is my BFFl, ain't nobody like you man!"
by pinkfuzzyelephants October 23, 2009

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