When someone is both too drunk and too high to perform oral sex.
"Baby, you're just laying in between my legs?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm starling."
by chick cat November 03, 2009
Top Definition
A stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent woman. Confident, talented, compassionate and resourceful. Her love for music and singing is one of her many passions.
Starling is such a darling!
by StarChildInHeaven March 03, 2010
A gorgeous dominican nigga that looks like kendrick lamar when he has curly hair. He drinks liquor like a fish drinks water and can never pronounce an english word correctly.
Starling: Aye mang can you pass me a presidente
by ibethatprettymothafuckafrompro April 04, 2013
Like a 'darling' but someone of a famous background, a celeb, a TV/Film star, singer; of that whom is infatuated, obsessed, admiring, in love with.
"My new found fame for a famous person is such a star-ling."
by Long Johns December 19, 2011
Star-ling, noun, synonymous with the female genitalia. Aka a vagina, pussy, vajayjay, vag, etc...
My Starling is hurting so I can't go to the Wax concert.
by Wax2013 October 23, 2013
A 1:1 mixture of Stella Artois and Carling. Starling.
Barman: What can I get for you tonight, good sir?
Patron: Why, I think I shall have a drop of Starling!
Barman: Starling? Isn't that a bird?
Patron: No, my dear man! Tis' a mixture of Stella Artois and Carling in a 1 to 1 ratio!
Barman: ... Why?
by BigCatfish September 10, 2007
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