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1. A sturdy girl is any woman who is... well... sturdy. A woman capable of standing on her own two feet and probably equally capable of climbing rocks.

2. A rarely seen, but much loved b3ta meme.
She's just not my type..... Bit plain... Give me sturdy girl any day!!
by BigCatfish April 23, 2006
1: A disinclination to think imaginatively.
2: A block to one's imagination and originality caused by lack of inspiration; an inert imagination.

Imaginertia occurs when one's imagination becomes inert, e.g. it stops working. The scientific explanation is that there is no true originality. All creative thoughts are comprised of what the mind already knows and how it reorganises that knowledge to create an entirely new thought (otherwise known as using one's imagination). When lacking an inspiring source one is prone to imaginertia, but it can pass as quickly as it comes.
After several days of doing nothing and getting nowhere, the inventor realised he was suffering from imaginertia.

Despite previous signs of originality, the comedian fell flat. The audience saw his imaginertia and sighed.
by BigCatfish March 23, 2006
A squirrel.

Pronounced 'skwirl', like 'swirl' with a 'k'.
Oh wow look, a sqrrl!
A sqrrl stole my sandwich yesterday.
by BigCatfish September 21, 2007
A 1:1 mixture of Stella Artois and Carling. Starling.
Barman: What can I get for you tonight, good sir?
Patron: Why, I think I shall have a drop of Starling!
Barman: Starling? Isn't that a bird?
Patron: No, my dear man! Tis' a mixture of Stella Artois and Carling in a 1 to 1 ratio!
Barman: ... Why?
by BigCatfish September 10, 2007

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