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Placing your fist in a girls vagina/anus and then extending all your fingers open palm (as open as possible).
"He bent me over and starfished me, and now nothing else brings me pleasure." - Queen Elisabeth II

*Fists into the air, then extends all fingers* "And that's how I met your mother." - Ted Mosby
by Micheal Scott III May 02, 2010
17 23
Female sexual partner who remains 'unmoved' during lovemaking, physically non-responsive (like a ...).
In Charlie's Angels (the movie) Tom Green (whom has dated Drew Barrymore) refers to Drew's character as 'Starfish' (to wit she appears none-too-well-impressed).


No, won't be going back for more, she was a damn starfish.
by Jafer August 27, 2003
823 359
the small cross shape made by the sphincter muscle or the clenching of the arsehole, sometimes called the 'ringpiece' or the 'rusty sheriff's badge'
when he was licking her cunt in the '69' position,he had a close-up view of her'chocolate starfish'
by scotsbuff November 23, 2003
706 359
why is my starfish so sore?
by tina November 05, 2002
325 220
A girl that has no talent or technique for sex. That is, she just lays there spreed out dead in the water, like a starfish.
I'm never seeing her again she was a complete starfish.
by LePerk August 07, 2009
271 196
what a butthole looks like.
sally bent over and showed me her star fish.
by timtoolie August 31, 2004
104 40
When having sex with a really inexperienced female who lays on her back with her arms out above her head, legs apart and doesn't really do much other than that - like a star fish.
I was screwing her last night and she was a total star fish.
by pav996r October 11, 2006
100 46
A girl that is very passive/boring in bed. Mainly in missionary position.

Spread out like a starfish. No talent at all.
Guy: "Are you going to be a Starfish again today ?"
Girl: "I feel tired.. so.."

Gade: "Dude this girl last night went completely starfish on me again!"
Skanqueman: Again?! Throw that thing back in the sea.
by Skanque1207 December 05, 2012
52 33