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To continuously look at someone/thing for a while; considered rude.
Darren: That kid with the giant glasses was staring at me throughout the entire performance! Man, I should have slugged him in the stomach right there!

Tom: Everyone was looking at you. You had toilet paper on your shoe.
by Diggity Monkeez February 12, 2005
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something that guys do a lot. can be done if they see someone really hot, or if they see someone fugly and want to laugh at them. at first it's kinda annoying, but then you get used to it. people who stare too much should get their eyes poked out.
before, I used to be really uncomfortable when someone would stare at me. now, I really don't care.
by BlasianSensation October 24, 2004
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something my roomate does alot
she stares at me when i brush my teeth...its freaky...
by roxy January 21, 2003
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to make a fool of oneself by gazing in the direction of someone for a long time unknowingly
He was staring at me and I didn't like I shot him.
by The Professor June 28, 2004
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