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An unusual fake name you provide to a worker at a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. in order to uniquely identify you among the other patrons.
Without a Starbucks name...
Barista: Can I have your name, please?
You: John
(2 minutes later) Barista: Coffee for John!
(Five guys try to grab the coffee)

With a Starbucks name...
Barista: Can I have your name, please?
You: Orlando
(2 minutes later) Barista: Here's your coffee, Orlando!
by TardBarglar June 08, 2009
The name you give to the Starbucks worker because they never, ever get your name right. Instead of using your real name, use your Starbucks name.
Maryam: Alright, just a black coffee please.
Worker: Name?
Maryam: Mary
Because people probably cant figure out Maryam, she used her Starbucks name, Mary, to make her life easier.
by Taylor the Absolute February 04, 2009
A made up name that you give to a Starbucks barista that is easier to spell than your real name.
You: "I'll have a non-whip foam soy chai skim latte"
Barista" "What's your name?"
You: "Bob" (your Starbucks name, when your real name is like Oleksey).

This could also work the other way, if your name is Bob and you want to confuse them with something like Ainsleigh.
by evstokes June 14, 2010
the ridiculous name you give your Starbucks Coffee Attendee when placing your order
Starbucks Worker: What would you like?
You: One Grande Caramel Macchiato please
Starbucks Worker: Name?
::Thinking to yourself:: I'll give her my starbucks name
You: Yolanda Shaliza, thanks
by Gracie Cun February 11, 2007
when they spell your name wrong at Starbucks, so you just accept it and go by it forever. Also to keep your identity a secret you don't use your credit card because then you might be accused of identity theft.
Starbucks barista: and your name is?

You: Hannah

(minutes later)

Starbucks barista: passion iced tea for Kiana!

(you thought they said your name when infact they said your Starbucks Name. You take the drink, and the fact that you mumble your name)
by sunshineyday February 05, 2010
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