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A Bar/ Pub filled with strange, unusual and often dangerous characters. while these establishments hold no offical affilation to the franchise, the abundance of fights and/ or bizarre happenings is reminiscent of the mos eisly cantina bar in star wars: episode 4. Durham's Yates bar on most week nights is a fine example of a star wars bar.
Christ there's some nut jobs in here today, like a fucking star wars bar
by John O'Neill July 13, 2006
Star Wars Bar captures a series of events or random people in one particular setting that are all bizarre, one after another.
Alyssa: "Woah, last night was very Star Wars Bar..."

Cori: "You mean because of the guy with the eye patch fighting with the angry lesbian while the tiny lap dog sat on the table licking their steak...?"
by Cori Barrett Boyd August 12, 2008
A sports bar/chinese restaurant/lame night club located in Canton Massachusetts, so named because of its strange, diverse and often brawling patrons. It is also known by its official name Golden China.
guy#1 - Dude you want to get a beer somewhere?

guy#2 - Yeah, lets go to 49 Monk Street.

guy#1 - Fuck Stoughton, lets go to the star wars bar and get us some crab rangoon and a Bass.
by St. John's graduate January 12, 2008
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