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More commonly known as Tough Town. Located just south of Boston. Very large Portuguese population. And yea that is pretty much all......
-I am from Stoughton
-Tough Town Bitch!
by wouldnt u like 2 know? November 15, 2007
A highly Norwegian town with small population, but a big attitude. Very strong with athletics, esp wrestling and hockey. People are usually high, or about to be. Everyone is attractive and likes to eat at el rio grande or culvers. There are also a lot of albanians with nice cars. We all get drunk on the 17th of May, or Syttende Mai. We spelt the town name wrong on the new watertower, but that doesn't make us any less-likely to kick your ass! Always remember, you can't take the TOUGH out of sTOUGHton!
Visitor 1: Where are we? It smells like marijuana!

Local: You're in stoughton, bitch!
by hilow53589 May 08, 2011
shittest place on earth. has a good hockey team.
Liz: Stoughton is Ghetto
Megan: We have a good hockey team.
by mslemx December 07, 2010
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