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The ill-est office supply store ever. The people in the copy center are usually pretty mad, and the people doing stock are usually goofing off. Overall, a loving business.
J-Boogie wears her new neon eyeliner at Staples!
by KS-Boogie December 30, 2008
givin someone a quickie while telling your parents your goin to staples (just hope you're not &#$@-blocked)
Turkey Road not Home Depot. I'm goin to staples
by Larry the Unemployed Guy September 26, 2005
A useful tool for tapeless times.
"uh oh, i ran out of tape.. now what do i do?"

"staples my friend.. staples"
by dr. toofess April 12, 2013
a 45. or 38. special. a pistol
homeboy was poppin off at the mouth so i pulled that staple on his ass.shut em up real quick!
by 743! March 16, 2010
an expression of awesomeness
You got the new album? That shit's staples!
by A&A Mehta March 06, 2009