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One who runs off with anothers man.
That stank bitch best keep run'n, because shes off with my man Robert.
by Digger July 11, 2005
60 36
A 'bitch' which projects a stankified odour, due to improper hygiene or promiscuity
If that stank bitch dosn't close her legs I'm leaving
by Max Farrello February 02, 2009
38 9
1)a nasty slut
2)a female that constantly bitch and complain. one who is acting bitchy.
1)That's a stank bitch, she can't keep her legs closed.
2)OMFG!! She is acting like a stank bitch!! She just can't shut up about the same shit
by SieSieBby. December 23, 2008
20 7
a dirty grymy ass bitch
kid 1-Hey King Chav!
me- What?
kid 1- Patty Wag is a Stank Bitch
me- haha yes he is haha
by King Chav Zarate July 12, 2011
7 3
a male or female that acts snoody without proper reasoning; or someone who spends time on priorities but you smell like camel shit.
1. If you walk around ignoring people and your breathe smell like dog shit, you a stankbitch

2. You spend your time preparing your outfit and your breath smell like horse shit, you a stankbitch

3. If you a female and you attend Clark Atlanta University, but you wear Spelman College apparel, you a stankbitch.

4. You think you fresh, but you have holes in your socks the size of quarters, you a stankbitch
by Larry Alexander January 21, 2010
1 0
A stuck up fucker woman who thinks she's the shit, when in reality she's just a used up dirty whore.
"Shut your fucking lying mouth you stank Bitch"
by Wake~N~Bake March 06, 2014
0 0