Derived from a person who sucks. They are just a stain on the map. A person who ruins a good time, is unwanted or sits on the the bridge with the rats.

can be used in various forms: Staining; that stain; those stainz; stainzilla
1-Look at that stainer over there
2- Naa he's with Jim too....
1- oh yea.. those stainz
by gunzoid November 28, 2006
Top Definition
To accidentally destroy any electronic devices just by making a physical contact with it.
Don't touch my new computer! You're gonna stainer it.
by Public Masturbater June 06, 2010
An inept internet troll. Someone who is incompetently and over-confident in trolling.
Yeah, he said he was an elite troll, but he's just a stainer.
by Cfame March 30, 2013
A person who is so unforgivably smelly that they become offensive to the people around them. They no longer become something like a gas, they are a stainer.
"Debbie was so smelly today, she was such a stainer"
by HeyoPotatoe December 13, 2014
People who would have been better off left as a stain in their parents underwear. Usually pertaining to inbred hicks, rednecks and low-income housing dwellers with the mental capacity of a worm or other invertebrates, etc...
i)"wtf is that stainer doing driving a tractor down the highway at rush hour?"

ii)"Look at the group of stainers drinking beer on their lawn, sitting on living room furniture"

iii)whore-"Hey cutie, care for a face mask"

mother-"Stay clear of the stainers Billy, not until you're 12"
by Word Burglar July 12, 2009
A ink that kills panels or anything else it touches. takes a little to dry. goes well with a L marker. Holla at kiloe if you need some.
Yo, that fool rocks some bomb ass stainer.
by serch March 09, 2006
Apparently a slang word used by little black rude bwoy kids from the slums of london for a vagrant/tramp/down and out. Has to be said in a stupid voice though.
My mans a stainer ya get me.
by The Curious Orange January 30, 2006
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