a venue in the east village of manhattan(thats in new york city for those dipshits...) where the scene kids, emos and the ghetto fabs come to together to get illegal pericings (underage), eat at chipotle, get a sub at subways, get a tattoo, get their shoes spraypainted, a haircut or two, get cool shirts, buy cds for 50cents and hookup:]

FYI: If you're not from new york city, i strongly recommend that you do NOT go there!! There is nothing more annoying then a tourist at st.marks.
and please, no teenyboppers:]
Scenekid:OMFG; lets go get my monroe done at st.marks!!! thats so sceneXcore!

Ghettofab: yo, look at that girl! shes mad fly!
Ghettofab2: hell yea! and she just got her tounge peirced too!
Ghettofab:DAYUM! SHES 10! She probaly got it done at st.marks...oh well, there are other sluts there, LETS GO!

emokid:im going to buy an emo cd at st.marks for 50cents so i can cut to. :
by Celiaaa January 31, 2006
Top Definition
A terrible school located in Wilmington
People who go there a known as Spartans, douchebags, faggots, or occasionally jewbagels.
They are not liked by anybody, and are over the top cocky
On a scale from 1-10 on the douche-scale, they are 57,394
Kevin- Nobody likes St. Marks
Ryan- I know, they think they are all that, even though they are nothing compared to Salesianum
by Kevin Bedwell December 26, 2011
An extremely expensive all-boys private school in Dallas, Texas. Attended primarily by the homosexual or chronically depressed. The students are sent there by there parents so that their sons may enjoy the company of other rich, gay, stupid boys. This way the students may not only meet up with others of their sexual orientation, but also so that they might be in the company of like-minded, or at least similarly stupid individuals.
Person 1: Where do you go to school, little boy?
Person 2: PENIS!
Person 1: I guess that means St. Mark's.
by Let's Go SM! January 26, 2014
A school that people love to hate on because they aren't smart enough to get in. People call the students gay because it is an all boys school.
HP, ESD, Greenhill Student: Saynte mahrks is so baddd omg omg omg
Other folk: Maybe if you had even half of the intelligence as the students at St. Marks, I could understand you.
by BetterthanyoucauseigotoSM December 18, 2011
A ridiculously over-gayed all boys private school in Dallas, TX. All of the boys who attend love to bash the Greenhill students, but only because these persons are obvisouly superior to the ALL BOYS attendees of St. Marks.
"Hey, this totaly jerk flipped me off while I was driving today!"
"He was probably from St. Marks"
by Joe Mallick January 12, 2009
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