treasure. beautiful. amazing. the epitome of all that is hot
Man, she is so bangin'. She's just pure srinidhi
by Johnny Waisboard March 31, 2010
Pure at heart, very precious. Beautiful inside out. Loved by all. True friend. Terrific lover.
She is a nice girl, so Srinidhi like.
by JackTheSparrow March 10, 2013
A total bitch. They will talk about you behind your back and spread rumors. Nobody likes them much. Will say/act anyway to be liked (but it doesn't work). Most egocentric person in the world. Total poser. Don't waste your time being friends with them it's not worth it.
Girl 1: Did you here? That girl over there is like bad-mouthing her friends.
Girl 2: OMG yeah! She's so dumb those are like her only friends, when they find out they are gonna be pissed!
Girl 1: That's so true, why would she do that no ones going to want to be her friend now.
Girl 3: I don't think she cares, she still thinks that everyone likes her. She is such a Srinidhi. Ugh!
by Forgetit101 June 16, 2013

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