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adjective-describing simultaneously all of the qualities attributed to a semi-rabid squirrel i.e. crazy, esp. nutty, sneaky, of questionable character, flighty, hyperactive, & horny.
1. She's so squirrley, a night with her could cost you your life but it's worth the risk!

2. Someone as squirrley as he will be a good addition to my mafia, but I wouldn't dare give him any personal information!
by ≈δ∂≈§ҨŰÎЯЯŁЭУ January 30, 2011
*see "horny",

Intense sexual desire,

Obsession with intercourse in an abnormal manner or degree.
"I must have been giving off false signals, or just talking about sex too much, because she asked me if i was feeling squirrley"

"I couldnt afford the dildo i wanted so i hid it at the bottom of the pile with a squirrley squirls instinct, knowing i should probly never cum back"
by el grando squirlo April 11, 2012
when you have sexual intercourse in the butt, and its hairy like a squirrel.
oh dude that fat chick is squirrley as fuck
by fishdicks April 23, 2009
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