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An intentional misspelling of "Damn it" for use in online settings such as chat, esp. in reference to things not working correctly.
File transfer fail. Damnet!
by ≈δ∂≈§ҨŰÎЯЯŁЭУ January 31, 2011
adjective-describing simultaneously all of the qualities attributed to a semi-rabid squirrel i.e. crazy, esp. nutty, sneaky, of questionable character, flighty, hyperactive, & horny.
1. She's so squirrley, a night with her could cost you your life but it's worth the risk!

2. Someone as squirrley as he will be a good addition to my mafia, but I wouldn't dare give him any personal information!
by ≈δ∂≈§ҨŰÎЯЯŁЭУ January 30, 2011

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