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When people look at clocks and have to squint.
Only a squinty can't tell time!
by Brendan & Westley January 22, 2008
Asians with eyes that look like thier squinting.
Dude look at that squinty, he looks like his eyes are closed!
by darsea February 26, 2008
the thing you get when you're really high. usually associated with a chesire cat smile.
'i can't open my fucking eyes, i've got the squinties"
by kt rix June 01, 2007
slanted eyed folk of the east.Refering to the shape of the eyes, slanted and resemble squinting.
I went to the squinties resturant but i couldn't order because those mother fuckers looked like they where asleep. Lets go lynch a nig.
by mander October 14, 2004
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