when one flinches and squints at the same time in response to an unexpected stimulus
I squinched when Justin almost poked me in the eye!
by G_SMOOTH March 26, 2009
The look you pull when you get kicked in the gooch
My friend got kicked in th gooch while playing football and his face squinched
by lionman1991 December 26, 2010
1. To crumble and tighten your toes together so as to pick up objects with your toes or to disturb another person deeply.
"I squinched Claire's upper thigh because she was annoying me. She cried"
by Hansel Shmi January 19, 2010
to pull a trigger on a gun.
Dude don't squinch me.

Colonel do we need to squinch when we see the enemy?

I squinch to the sky on New Year's Day.

Why do all haters gotta squinch at you when you doin good.
by elplankto1 January 29, 2011
A square inch. if you didn't fiure that out, your an idiot.
it's 7 squinches thick.
by Tarliex McDavidson January 24, 2010
n. the area between the scrotum and buttocks. Also see taint.
I got a nasty film on my squinch after banging that whore, and not showering for a fort night.
by Duney February 05, 2009
verb. to poop
Damn, pull over at the Kwikmart, I gotta squinch
by mike sucks June 25, 2003

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