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A commonly used term describing a "Squirrel I'd Like to Fuck"

Can also be applied to hairy girls and bros
Dude, Sandy Cheeks is one hot squilf
by Broraper69 July 13, 2009
A squirting MILF, most notably while having an orgasm. The squirt itself is a lot of vaginal juice jettisoned at a high rate of speed, much like a leaking water balloon, but with more force. Can either be used as a noun or a verb.
Lane: Yo cuz, I got hosed down last night by this hardcore Mommy.
Matt: Mmmm - classy. She squilfed all over you?
Lane: Yeah, but she waited till I pulled it out haw haw haw (v.)

Matt: I was at the mall just now and saw these two lesbo squilfs trying to dyke it out by the smoothie stand. The one Mom was drizzing under the table - swear!
Lane: Nasty! *goes off to watch* (n.)
by Witkins September 10, 2013
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