Top Definition
One ultra gay mother fucker
"OMGZz, U GUYZ R SO BAD!!!111"
by NomaD April 21, 2005
(n)- A Squigly is a guy who is fat, bitchy, has man boobs and no sense of humor. Even still, he's a guy you desperately want to be friends with.
"man, he didn't put my joke on his website! That guy is SUCH a Squigly."
#squigly #squiggly #squiggle #bitch #man boobs #bitch tits #citizen #fat #bitchy #fatass #fattie #fatty
by Welo March 04, 2008
one ultra cool mother fucker.
see that guy over there? squigly? he's one cool biotch
by snarfie July 15, 2003
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