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Something or someone that is extremely weird or not quite right.
Did you see sarahs new purple polka dot hat? It was so squiggly.

Theres just something real squiggly about Sarah.
by J-pro July 24, 2005
A baby or infant. It can also apply to anyone who is 18 or older and under 5 feet tall.
Lilith: Hey look! There goes Jordan!
Cal: If only she wasn't a squiggly.
Ley: We can always hope that'll she'll grow one more inch.
by JrockBones April 27, 2011
On druuuuugs and happiness. But cyanide, the pots, alcohol, and psychedelics. Also, silliness, joviality, and general well-being.
"...People could come out, we can all camp, swim, enjoy nature and stars and getting squiggly..."
by Willraven May 18, 2015
It is an alcohol measurement. On the bottles of Malibu rum there is a “squiggly” line on the side. Squigglies refer to the amount of alcohol one has consumed according to line on the bottle.
I drank 10 squigglies!
by stupid1and2 April 16, 2009
the lil squigglie pieces of skin on my moms neck.
get me some ice some some scissors and ill get rid of the squigglies on your neck you wont feel a thing
by tentenone June 02, 2010
a pair of original Vans Old Skool tennis shoes; named for the squiggly-shaped stripe on either side of the shoe.
i picked up a new pair of squigglies at the mall.

hey are those your squigglies hanging over the power line?
by walker k February 22, 2008
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