- 1. One who has done something incredibly wrong in relevance to how it was supposed to be done.
- 2. One who is extremely annoying.
Damnit Zak. You're fuckin up in school and acting like a god damned squiggle!
#squiggle #damnit #god #fuck #shit
by I Don't Know What My Name Is September 26, 2007
A term used to describe a penis of unusually small and irregular shape.
Squiggles is a brave man for letting the world know about his condition.
#penis #small #irregular #squiggle #squiggled
by SIKU October 05, 2006
squiggle (verb): between a squirm and a wiggle
Sounds like: accross between a giggle and a squeel

she squiggled
by sez September 25, 2003
1. Bacon

2. Intoxication, inebriation, under the influence

3. Unstraight
Dude: You look about as straight as a pig's tail, you been drinking?
Dude 2: We should call you Squiggles since you're not on the straight and narrow.
Dude 3: Makes perfect sense. Oink oink.
#bacon #oink #tipsy #straightedge #aa #idget
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
Term given to left over sand on you're feet after walking barefoot on the beach or other sandy areas.
Yo no squiggles in the car i just cleaned it.
#sand crabs #beach suds #dirt devils #sand slugs #sandy sand.
by Biddy27 May 15, 2011
The opposite of square, but not an insult. A square is closed off, while a squiggle is open and can turn in any direction at all. A squiggle or being squiggle, is being very open and willing sexually, or a fun loving and party-hardy person, or very up-to-date with the latest trends and has amazing style or has an amazing sense of humor and is hilarious.
"My boyfriend is such a squiggle! He can't keep his hands off me!"

"She's so squiggle! I LOVE her clothes!"
#slut #square #diva #party-animal #squigle #skwiggle #squigl #skwigle #skwigl #trendy #hip
by Kitty-car September 09, 2009
The Most Squiggliest Squiggles that ever Squiggled on the Squiggly planet that is Squigglesland.
To "OWN" ALL others is to be Squiggly. To own KOW PATT and Enduro| moreso.
by Squiggles February 26, 2004
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