A sexy young girl that wears slutty clothing and puts out. Also can be used as another word for pussy.
Example: We should head over to the fair tonight and find some squiff.

Example: Ed's sister is a hot peice of squiff.
by Poon Handler September 23, 2008
Top Definition
A mixture of skew and whiff (skew-whiff)
The data you gave me is a bit squiff
by mrvautin November 08, 2011
an underling or lacky
"this is rodrigo and this is his squiff tony"
by chadsexington4 October 04, 2006
To be scruffy or cute
Hey, that hot girl over there's looking pretty damn Squiff!
by Arcade82 March 17, 2015
Similar to a square or geek, sometimes called a "boffin" (particularly in Minehead). Possibly confined to Taunton in Somerset.
"What you do your homework for, you f*cking squiff???"
by Hol September 11, 2004
a queef involving a spewed cream pie
She squiffed and it felt good
by Deviva October 30, 2007
To draw in and exhale marijuana smoke from a one-hitter or a "urban camouflaged" cigarette lookalike crack pipe. Must be done in public in a very covert manner.
Yo Bro, you wanna squiff on here?
by Al Dog January 19, 2005
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