Squiddles is the name of the clothing brand set up by illustrator Matt Daniels in memory Emma Wilkinson.

Squiddles Clothing hosts annual charity events to raise money for the Francis House Hospice, such as the Squiddles first charity show in September 2010 which raised nearly £2,000.
What's that Tee man!? It's sick!!

It's Squiddles Clothing dude, they're awesome! Check them out, they so some sweet work for charity too!
by stickypop March 16, 2011
the act of moving abruptly, and entering someone elses space to move or shake them.
darn you Eric! dont squiddle me!
by omgbrandilee June 28, 2009
the act of having to urinate really bad. therefore needing to 'squat' somewhere and 'piddle' (pee) giving you squiddle!
"wait! stope here, i need to squiddle really bad!!"
by Mizzrocca August 30, 2007
To pass through an entry way sideways to accommodate one's excessive mass.
"Brezina squiddled to get lunch."
by C Smith January 17, 2007
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